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Sep 22, 2012 3:45pm EDT
. "newshour"'s jim lehrer moderates. questions focus on domestic policy. watch engage with c-span, including our live debate preview. post-debate, your reactions, comments, calls, e-mails, tweets. paul was on c-span radio or online at >> national security advisers for president george h. w. bush, george w. bush, and president obama talk about their roles in advising u.s. presidents. they discussed national security challenges in the middle east and asia and focused on the violence in that region. this is an hour and a half. >> thank you very much for that wonderful introduction of the panel and to kind introduction of me. it does remind me of -- i have written here that these are men who need no introduction, so my introduction will not be so fulsome of men who do not need that kind of introduction, but i did hear the ceo of ibm wants to introduce a colleague of yours, henry kissinger, that way. henry kissinger came up to the podium and said, "your introduction was far too modest ." so the next time he introduced again and talked about his nobel peace prize and books and best sel
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1